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    Bart’s Logistics operate the following tractor units and trailers

Tractor Units:

All our tractor units are Mercedes Benz, chosen for reliability, driver comfort and environmental attributes regards emissions and fuel consumption.

All are fitted with mobile phones and the transics planning and communications system to know their exact location and job status at all times.




belt trailer

Belt trailers:

Belt trailers or potato bulkers, also used to transport onions, cereals and other foodstuffs. All these trailers are insulated self tippers with a supplementary insulated cover when required. Built of light but strong materials each can carry substantial loads and as a result can cut down on the number of trips required to transport your goods.

All trailers are HACCP and FCA certified. Electrical certificates are also in place to ensure customer and driver safety.





We use our tipper trailer fleet to transport potatoes, cereals, animal feeds and other goods. These are made from aluminium to be both light and incredibly strong.

Each tipper is fitted with its own high pressure cleaning system so the driver can clean the trailer anywhere and at anytime. All trailers are HACCP, and FCA certified.



Container Chasis: 6

Bart’s Logistics operates 6, 40 ft container chassis to transport either 1 x 40 ft or 2 x 20 ft containers.

Curtainsiders: 4

For palletised transport and haulage.
HACCP and FCA certified.

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