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Bart’s Logistics would firstly like to welcome you to our site and thank you for taking the time to visit us.

A relatively young company, started in 2005, Bart’s Logistics have specialised in the transportation of agricultural foodstuffs; mainly potatoes, onions, carrots, cereals and the like, via our extensive and modern belt trailer fleet.

However, Bart’s Logistics can offer varied transport solutions to suit your exact needs from bulk transport to pallet collection and delivery.

Our fleet details are outlined on the site; however, we are expanding and may be able to offer any type of transport or logistical solution for you, either by road or sea.





The dedicated team here at Bart’s Logistics is as flexible as our customers needs. Transport is not only knowing how to deliver something from A to B but it is doing so while respecting the customer, the goods or product being transported and of course, the environment. In order to do this, specific knowledge is required and in this respect Bart’s Logistics forward thinking approach comes to the fore.

For every transport sector we serve, Bart’s Logistics have the necessary certification and quality controls in place to do the job. Bart’s Logistics have the following certificates; FCA for feed safety, HACCP covering food safety for quality assurance.

Every driver has also passed their Safe Potato Handling exam and has up to date passports, specific to the bulk potato processing industry.

To add further flexibility to our service, a GPS (Global Positioning System) is fitted into each tractor unit and trailer. As Bart’s Logistics is pan-European this enables us to track and monitor the progress of specific deliveries in real time.


The Transics GPS planning system is also incorporated into each unit; effortlessly streaming jobs and information to the drivers screen. Any changes, new addresses and delivery or collection details are sent direct to the driver to avoid any confusion and save time. This integrates with the GPS to take the truck directly to its destination. It also enables real-time monitoring so we know where the truck and your goods are, at all times.

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